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Retirement and Wealth 

The U.S. Census Department projects that by the year 2010, over 55 million Americans will be age 65 or older. That's nearly one in every six of us. People are already retiring at a later age, starting second or even third careers, exploring dreams they never thought would be within their means. PrimeQuote is dedicated to making sure you have the tools available to realize those dreams.

Retirement planning and estate planning takes thought and consideration. One must carefully determine retirement needs and assess how to transfer wealth to loved ones with minimal tax implications. For many people, retirement is a new beginning. Let PrimeQuote help get you started.


Retirement / Wealth Transfer

Term Insurance

The life insurance industry has modernized in recent years, with many highly respected and financially strong companies willing to issue life insurance to people who have attained age 80. Depending upon your health condition, you may even be able to obtain "standard" rates, which may be surprisingly affordable even if they are more expensive than had you purchased the insurance at a younger age.



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