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Marriage and Family 

Congratulations! You've made the decision to build a life together. There are some fun and exciting times ahead for both of you. But along with the fun comes the need to make mature (and informed) financial decisions - life insurance for both spouses (what type and how much), home and auto insurance, disability insurance, and planning for your own retirement. At InsureRate, we understand.

And what about children? You may already have children or are beginning to think about the possibility of becoming a parent. As a parent, you'll want to look more closely at things like health care and early preparation for your child's education. At InsureRate you'll find some of the most dependable and advantageous insurance and investment products designed for people just like you.


Marriage / Family

Term Insurance

You may feel money pressures from all directions -- the need to buy a home, plan for children, build a comfortable and secure family future. The resources you may have available for life insurance may seem limited. Term insurance, especially if you are healthy, could provide you a solution with guaranteed low premiums for periods as long as 20 or 30 years. With most term insurance, you will have rights to convert to permanent insurance without further evidence of insurability (check out the product features section on the term life insurance available through InsureRate). Term may be the perfect solution to maximize the life insurance coverage you can obtain now, while minimizing your premium cost. The riders generally available with term insurance (again check out the features section when you get a term insurance quote on InsureRate) may mean you could buy one term policy and insure your spouse and children as riders, again maximizing life insurance coverage and minimizing cost.



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