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Single Adult - Parent 

As a single adult or single parent you're solely responsible for planning and executing a lifetime financial plan and strategy. The status of being a single adult carries certain necessary concerns, and opens up a new and different financial perspective. InsureRate can help.

Many single adults are also single parents. Whether divorced with children, or one of the growing numbers of Americans who choose to raise a family by themselves, the traditional concerns remain - the cost of college education, planning for retirement, transferring wealth to loved ones. Whether you're a single adult or parent, InsureRate helps you examine the newest and best financial instruments the insurance industry has to offer you.


Single Adult / Single Parent

Term Insurance

Your need for substantial life insurance coverage may never be greater or more urgent in your life. You obviously need to protect the most important elements in your life -- your mortgage, the future education and well being of your children, parents whose future care may be costly to handle with decency. Term insurance can be purchased in substantial amounts at reasonable costs, especially if you are in reasonable health. You can lock in rates for 20, 25, or 30 years, guaranteeing that your premiums will not increase during that time. Even if you face health problems, InsureRate may have a solution for you. Take a look at our "Almost Guaranteed Insurance" and see that even if you face health issues you may still be able to obtain excellent term insurance at reasonable costs.



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